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"Soybean Mosaic Virus" is most commonly spread by the soybean aphid. Therefore, SMV is found more frequently in places where soybean aphid reproduction is favorable, which is typically 70-80 degrees fahrenheit, with a relative humidity below 78%.

     Wheat Tech, Inc. is a group of independent crop consultants with over 160 years of experience. The goal of our consultants is to provide growers with an agronomically sound consulting program in South Central Kentucky, Tennessee, and the boot heel of Missouri. We specialize in intensively managed wheat, corn and soybean production utilizing our experience and backed up by our research plots. 

     Independent means that we do not work for any crop protectant, fertilizer or seed companies. We do not sell any inputs and our recommendations are based on experience, research data and an unbiased view of the available products.

     Our consultants work directly with the grower to develop management strategies that will maximize the economic return of their crop. The service is cradle to grave in that every decision from preplant fertility to late season fungicide use must be scrutinized to determine agronomic soundness.