Research and Development


Wheat Tech’s Research and Development division was conceived to provide our consultants with the most applicable, up to date data they can possibly obtain. Conducting “small plot”, replicated trials in the very fields that our consultants work in, allows us to generate priceless information that is directly used to benefit growers.

Our team establishes and operates corn, wheat and soybean plots in the Southern Indiana, Elizabethtown, South Central, Western Kentucky and Southeast Missouri areas. Having such a wide range allows us to tailor our research to provide data specific to various geographies, cultural practices and weather patterns.

Following key crop rotations and Integrated Pest Management (IPM) strategies in our plots has, also, allowed us to conduct superior third party, commercial/contract research for major seed and chemical companies year in and year out. We offer these companies the unique opportunity to participate in any and all of our plot locations, which allows them to obtain multiple data sets on their products, across multiple soil types, tillage methods [or free from tillage], planting dates, etc.

The following are just a few trials that we are able to conduct: (Any of which can be conducted under a secrecy agreement of the participating organization desires to do so.)

·         Commercial and Experimental Varieties

·         Pesticide efficacy including both commercially available and experimental compounds

·         Fertilizer management

·         In-furrow applied products

·         Seeding rate

·         Seed Increases for plant breeders (wheat)

·         Foliar nutrition


All of our plots, whether internal or contracted, follow the same intensive management strategies that our consultants provide to all of our growers.