Our growers asked us to move into soybean consulting in 2004 in response to the soybean rust issue. Since then we have expanded our soybean consulting to approximately 70,000 acres with at least 15 consultants scouting soybeans across our geography. Wheat Tech's philosophy on soybeans has been to maximize economic return on every acre. This means applying extra inputs on the most productive ground and minimizing costs on marginal ground.

Wheat Tech Soybean Programs:

  • Variety selection & placement

  • Seed rate recommendations*

  • Insecticide/Fungicide Seed treatment recommendations

  • Herbicide - product, rate, timing recommendations

  • Fungicide - product, rate, timing recommendations

  • Insecticide - product, rate timeing recommendations

  • combine calibration up to 2 visits plus collect/interpret all as applied & harvest data

  • Scouting trips: pre herb, post herb, 2 - 4 visits R1-R6, planter/drill setting & emergence scouting

* Fertility recommendations will use soil samples from previous years' corn or wheat crop. If sample data is unavailable, soil sampling will be done on a 30-50 acre zone basis for an additional fee per acre, if requested.

Consulting Services Include:

  • Fertility - Ensure optimum lime, phosphate and potash recommendations based on recent soil tests

  • Variety Selection/Placement - Place varieties to maximize potential and minimize risks

  • Populations - Vary populations according to planting date and field conditions

  • Weed Control - Manage burndown and post emergence weed control issues, including glyphosate and ALS resistance

  • Planter setting - Aid in planter/drill setting with the goal to optimize plant stands even in poor conditions

  • Inoculants - Are they necessary or not for the average field?

  • Fungicides/Insecticides - Scouting and spray recommendations based on yield loss such as stinkbugs and podworm's and recommend spraying only when necessary