Wheat Tech Wheat Programs:

  • Variety selection & placement

  • Fertility - Fall fertilizer recommendations based on soil sampling

  • Insecticide seed treatment recommendations

  • Nitrogen - additives, rate, timing recommendations
  • Herbicide - product, rate, timing recommendations

  • Fungicide - product, rate, timing recommendations

  • Insecticide - product, rate timing recommendations

  • combine calibration, plus collect/interpret all as applied & harvest data

  • Scouting trips: Burndown and pre herbicide


Consulting Services Include:

  • Nitrogen - Monitor growth stage of wheat for timing and determine needed rates for 1st and 2nd applications
  • Variable Rate Nitrogen - Rates based on NDVI images of your fields generated by aerial images. Fields are flown by Wheat Tech so images are completely up to date, and do not rely on satellites
  • Variety Selection/Placement - Place varieties to maximize potential and minimize risks based off of variety traits

  • Seeding Rate -Will vary according to tillage practice and seed size

  • Weed Control - Manage burndown and post emergence weed control issues, including ALS resistance

  • Drill Calibration - Aid in drill setting with the goal to optimize plant stands even in poor conditions

  • Fungicides - Recommendation based upon disease pressure and growth stage

  • Insecticides - Continuously monitor insect pressure throughout the growing season and determine application timing