Our growers asked us to move into corn consulting in 2006. Since then we have expanded our corn consulting to approximately 40,000 acres, with at least 8 consultants actively involved in corn consulting. Wheat Tech's philosophy on corn has been to maximize economic return on every acre. This means applying extra inputs on the most productive ground and minimizing costs on marginal ground.

Wheat Tech Corn Programs

  • Preplant Fertility - Zone or grid sampling to maximize fertilizer efficiency including fertilizer recommendations and'or prescriptions (if grid sampled). Zinc and sulfur tests done on all samples.

  • Variety Selection/Placement - Place hybrids to maximize yield and minimize risk.

  • Populations - Select optimum populations based on soil type and topography including variable seed rates if required (premium programs).

  • Weed Control - Manage burndown and post applied weed control including ALS and glyphosate resistant weeds.

  • Planter Setting - Planter depth setting and checking of precision population maps.

  • Nitrogen Management - Select optimum N rates for soil type and provide N prescriptions (premium programs) for variable N to maximize economic return on nitrogen.

  • Fungicides - Select hybrids and field conditions likely to benefit economically from a tasseling fungicide applications.

  • Insecticides - Recommendations for all insect problems.

  • Compaction - Decide if localized or field scale ripping is needed.