Welcome To Wheat Tech Inc.

Wheat Tech is a group of independent crop consultants founded in 1995. Our company is based in Schochoh, Kentucky. Our primary goal is to provide growers with agronomically sound consulting programs. We specialize in intensively managed wheat, corn and soybean production utilizing our experience, reinforced with our research plot data. We currently operate in Kentucky, Missouri, Tennessee, Indiana and Alabama. 

Independent means we do not work for any crop protection, fertilizer or seed company. We do not sell any inputs and our recommendations are based on experience, research data and an unbiased view of the available products. Our consultants work directly with the grower to develop management strategies that will maximize the economic return of the wheat, corn and soybean crops. This service is cradle to grave in that every input from preplant fertility to late season fungicide use must be scrutinized to determine agronomic soundness


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